40 God Will Punish Those Who Hurt You Quotes (Best of 2023)

The ultimate list of God Will Punish Those Who Hurt You Quotes Should Know Before Sending It to Others.

Have you ever thought about those people who hurt them intentionally? Who will punish them? This question you might have asked yourself several times.

God Will Punish Those Who Hurt You Quotes

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It is a common perception that if you hurt someone or take revenge deliberately, you will get it back sooner or later through different channels.

This is the reality of life if you do good to others, you will get that in multifold, and the same applies to the wrong things because supreme power will take care of everything. Always tend to help others, and respect others’ sentiments.

We have got you covered with the top recommendations that you can send “God Will Punish Those Who Hurt You Quotes” to those people who hurt someone’s sentiments.

Top 10 God Will Punish Those Who Hurt You Quotes

  1. God’s love forgives, but His justice demands an account for every tear shed by the oppressed.
  2. The evildoers may dance in shadows, but God’s justice is a sun that will rise and dispel the darkness.
  3. God’s mercy extends beyond the horizon, but His justice casts a shadow on those who revel in cruelty.
  4. The wicked may scoff at the idea of consequences, but God’s justice is a reality that cannot be escaped.
  5. God’s love is a shield for the vulnerable, and His justice is a sword against the heartless.
  6. The wrongdoers may build castles of deceit, but God’s justice will crumble them to dust.
  7. God’s mercy is infinite, but His wrath is reserved for those who take pleasure in causing pain to others.
  8. The hands that harm the innocent will tremble before the mighty hand of God’s retribution.
  9. God’s love is a refuge for the broken, but His justice is a storm against the oppressor.
  10. The wicked may revel in their wrongdoing, but God keeps a record, and justice will be served.


30 More God Will Punish Those Who Hurt You Quotes

God will repay those who hurt you quotes
  1. Hurt not the hearts that trust in God, for His retribution is swift and just.
  2. God will not let any harm come to the ones who trust in Him, and those who hurt them will face His righteous judgment.
  3. Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. – Galatians 6:7
  4. God sees the pain you endure, and He will not let the perpetrators of that pain go unpunished.
  5. Those who delight in causing suffering will one day face the wrath of a just and merciful God.
  6. The hands that harm the innocent will not escape the justice of God; His punishment is inevitable.
  7. The tears of the oppressed are not unseen by God; He will rise in judgment against those who cause them.
  8. God’s justice is a shield for the wounded; He will punish those who inflict pain on the innocent.
  9. To harm the pure-hearted is to challenge the justice of God; be prepared to face the consequences.
  10. The wrongdoers may seem to prosper, but God’s justice is patient and relentless in its pursuit.
  11. To hurt the pure heart is to challenge the very essence of God’s love; and prepare for the consequences.
  12. God’s promise is clear: the oppressors will be humbled, and the oppressed will find solace in His justice.
  13. God’s justice is not bound by time; the evildoers may escape human judgment, but they cannot escape His.
  14. God’s love heals, but His justice prevails against those who intentionally inflict wounds on His children.
  15. Those who sow seeds of cruelty will reap the whirlwind of God’s righteous anger.
  16. God’s mercy extends to all, but His justice awaits those who persist in causing pain to His creation.
  17. In the silence of suffering, God hears the cries of the wounded, and His justice will thunder against those who silence them.
  18. God’s love is a balm for the broken, but His justice is a fire against those who shatter hearts with cruelty.
  19. To harm the innocent is to challenge the very nature of God; rest assured, His response will be swift and mighty.
  20. God’s mercy is a river that flows, but His justice is a mountain that stands unyielding against the winds of wickedness.
  21. The darkness may hide the deeds of the unjust, but God’s light will expose them and His justice will prevail.
  22. God’s patience is not indifference; it is a warning to the oppressors that their time of reckoning is near.
  23. The heart that delights in causing pain will face the wrath of God, for He is the defender of the defenseless.
  24. God’s justice is a flame that purifies; those who harm His children will feel the intensity of His righteous fire.
  25. The oppressors may celebrate their momentary victories, but God’s justice is an unyielding force that will prevail.
  26. To hurt the innocent is to challenge the very core of God’s compassion; His justice will not be denied.
  27. Those who inflict pain may find fleeting satisfaction, but God’s justice is an eternal reckoning.
  28. The oppressors may sow seeds of fear, but God’s justice is a harvest of retribution.
  29. God’s love embraces the wounded, but His justice confronts the perpetrators of pain.
  30. The wrongdoers may mock the idea of divine consequences, but God’s justice is an unshakable truth.

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