27+ Mad Love Romantic Harley Quinn and Joker Quotes!

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Harley Quinn is a comic character who first appeared in DC Comics and was later adapted into animated Films. Paul Dini and Bruce Timm is the name behind the famous character Harley Quinn for Batman: The Animated Series (1992).

Mad Love Romantic Harley Quinn and Joker Quotes

The fictional character Harley Quinn and the Joker have an infamous relationship despite the controversy. Harley Quinn features two different characters in both movies; in “Suicide Squad,” she trusts him and has complete faith in Joker, and in the other film “Birds of Prey,” they break up, and she is forced to explore the world on her own.

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Here we got you covered with the best Romantic Harley Quinn and Joker Quotes based on dialogues from the famous Batman series, their relationships & more.

10 Short Love Romantic Harley Quinn and Joker Quotes

I’ll never leave you, puddin’. Never!

I’m not the one with the pudding problem… that’s you.

I’m crazy enough to take on Batman, but the IRS? No thank you!

You’re the Joker, and I’m your queen!

I don’t want normal, I want you.

I am not someone who is loved. I’m an idea, a state of mind.

I’m gonna love you, until you kill me.

Behind every successful man is a badass broad like me.

I’ll be whatever you want me to be, Mr. J.

I love this guy, he’s so intense!

Best Mad Love Romantic Harley Quinn and Joker Quotes

Sometimes the only way to stay sane is to go a little crazy.
You’re my Mr. J, my one and only puddin’.

It’s the power of the mind, Mr. J. It’s the one thing they can’t take away.

I’m not a good girl, I’m a bad girl. The one your mama warned you about.

I’m loyal to the end, and I’ll never leave your side, Mr. J.

I am not a victim of emotional insanity, but rather a willing participant.

You can’t outrun your own reflection.

Harley Quinn quotes about life
Mad Love Romantic Harley Quinn and Joker Quotes

I’m not crazy, I’m just a little unwell.

Madness is the emergency exit. You can just step outside, and close the door on all those dreadful things that happened. You can lock them away… forever.

My love for my puddin’ is stronger than their madhouse walls.

I’m the queen of Gotham, and you’re my king.

You’re the love of my life, Mr. J.

All of my love, all of my days, I’ll give to you until the end of time.

I’m a sucker for a good time, and you’re the ultimate good time.

I’ve never been normal, and I don’t want to be. Not with you.

I’m not just some ditzy broad, you know. I’m smart. I’m sassy. I’m fun.

I’m not the kind of girl who thinks she needs a man to save her.

Love is madness. And I am mad for my puddin’.

I don’t need anyone else, as long as I have my puddin’.

I’ll follow you to the ends of the earth, Mr. J.

I’m not afraid of anything, as long as I’m with you.

I’m not one to be underestimated. Ever.

You’re my addiction, my sweetest downfall.

joker and harley quinn quotes she was his queen

You’re the clown prince of crime, and I’m the queen of chaos!

Love can make us do crazy things, like driving a car into a chemical plant.

I used to think that my life was a tragedy, but now I realize that it’s a comedy.

You’re not just a guy in a bat costume, are you? You’re the symbol of hope I’ve been looking for.

I’ll always be by your side, Mr. J. You can count on me.

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