33+ Compelling Train Pick Up Lines for Instagram Photos

Eye-opening Train Pick Up Lines who loves to travel by train. Long-distance travel by train, chances are you got a chance to interact with a hot girl sitting next to you. Boys don’t want to miss any chance to impress a girl, for that moment train-related pick up lines will work for you.

Train Pick Up Lines

If you are planning a long-distance journey, then the train would be a great option to explore new places/areas in detail. These mind-blowing Funny Train Pick Up Lines will entertain you on the go, also used for clicking a selfie, photos for Instagram post.

BEST Train Pick Up Lines

Since I met you, I’m on cloud 9th street F train.

Could we even fit in the bathroom?

Ride on this car of this train at this time often?

I trained so hard to be your lover that I won a Gold Medal!

Have trouble sleeping on trains? [No] You will when we travel together.

Are you a train wreck? Because I can’t stop looking at you.

Can you keep a secret? I’m packin’.

Coffee, tea, or me?

Is there a doctor on board because my bare left ring finger is caught in the door.

What do you call a train that eats toffee?

chew, chew train.

Why is the railroad angry?
Because people are always crossing it!

Why can’t the engineer be electrocuted?
Because he’s not a conductor!

Why can’t a steam locomotive sit down?
Because it has a tender behind

Nope don’t worry I don’t need my little toe…unless you’re a podiatrist.

Are you a hypoxy training set, because you take my breath away.

Wouldn’t mind doing some cross training with you!

Baby I’m a Pokemon master. I’ll train your Jigglypuffs.

I may have been waiting for this train for 20 goddamn minutes, but I’ve been waiting for a girl like you my whole life.

You know, if we tell them we met here maybe they’ll let us get married in a metro car someday.

Mind if I sit on your lap, my knees are suddenly weak?

You work out really hard. Are you training for anything? I thought I’d come say hi. I couldn’t do the workouts you do.

You know if you set your gym bag on the floor then we can stare into each other’s eyes while we’re jolted back and forth into each other.

No, please do lean on my fingers while I grasp this pole for balance. All the better to grope you with.

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