Special 31+ Beer Pick Up Lines Tinder, Reddit, Tumblr & More

Most people prefer Beer to wine, and some of them consume beer on daily basis. Beer Pick Up Lines are for those who wants to makes their beer-related social media post more interesting and funny.

Not just boys but girls are also enjoying the cane of beer, they love to share their party pictures on social media such as Instagram, Tumblr, Reddit & more. Suitable beer pickup lines that addons to your special moments.

Beer Pick Up Lines

Some of them considered beer as an energy drink, you have seen people posting Beer-related photos on Internet, get special Beer Pick-Up Lines best fit for Instagram, Tinder, and other social platforms.

10 Short Beer Pick Up Lines

I’m not drunk, I’m just intoxicated by you.

Yes please, and tequila too!

What do you want to drink? Beer? Whisky? Vodka?

Can I ask you a personal question? Beer or wine?

Sure I could buy you a drink, but I’d be jealous of the glass.

I thought beer was good here, but you are better.

Baby, you’re the hot ass in my shot glass.

Are you going to finish that? Anyway I am here to carry you home.

I’m not Irish, but I play drunk very well!

Would you like to have another beer? What of another tip?

BEST Beer Pick Up Lines Tinder

BEST Beer Pick Up Lines Tinder

Do you want to drink beer? Me too.

Hey! You owe me a drink. I dropped mine when you walked by.

What do you say we get out of here? I bet you’re way better to wake up next to than a hangover.

Did you slip some Fire-whiskey into my drink, or are you just getting hotter?

Did you steal my beer? That one looks just like the one I was drinking.

Do you like blow jobs or sex on the beach? I’m talking cocktails of course.

That beer looks like the one I was drinking. Seems we have the same taste.

Have you tried the (drink) here? It’s terrific!

How about we play spin the bottle once you are done with that beer?

When I text you goodnight later, what phone number should I use?

Help, I can’t breathe.” When they ask why, respond with, Looking at you takes my breath away.

Mind having an alcohol free beer?

For the price of that drink you could have had me for the night.

Here’s $20. Drink until I’m good looking and then come talk to me.

I would have bought you some gum, but it’s going to spoil your beer breath when it’s what I need tonight.

I see you’ve got some tequila. Does that mean you wanna give me a shot?

Go up to someone, take an ice cube out of your glass, and smash it. Then say, “Now that I’ve broken the ice, can I buy you a drink?

Look I’m just trying to drink here, but you’re very distracting.

I see you’ve got some tequila’s. Does that mean you wanna give me a shot?

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