60+ Cute Cat Pick Up Lines and Funny Puns

Last updated on February 19th, 2024 at 04:24 am

Cute Cat Pick Up Lines with Funny Puns: From cute compliments to purrfect puns, these lines are sure to impress your pet. Here you’ll find all sorts of pickup lines to suit your pet cat perfectly.

We already have covered dog pickup lines, now it’s time to talk about another favorite pet which is a cat. Have you got a cat at home? Baby Kittens are so adorable, isn’t it? For taking a selfie or clicking pictures with your pet then these adorable Cat Pick Up Lines that are the perfect fit for Tinder, Reddit, Instagram, and more.

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10 Short Cat Pick Up Lines

Purrfectly sweet, these short cat pickup lines are fully loaded with love.

I have a cat, she would like to meet you.

Short Cat Pick Up Lines

Are you feline the connection between us?

I’d give up one of my 9 lives for you.

Don’t be a player hating.

Baby, you put the T in tuna.

Can I spend all my 9 lives with you?

Hey girl, can I come over and meet your cat?

I’d like to get your tongue.

I’m feline fine now I have seen you.

Are you a cat because you’re purfect.

Cute Cat Pick Up Lines

Are you a catnip toy? Because you’ve got my kitty senses tingling!

Is your name Whiskers? Because you’ve whiskered your way into my heart.

Are you a feline magician? Because whenever I look at you, everyone else disappears.

Do you have a map? I keep getting lost in your eyes, just like my cat does in a cardboard box.

Are you a cat treat? Because I can’t resist coming back for more of your sweetness.

Cute Cat Pick Up Lines

Do you have a sunbeam? Because you light up my life just like a sunny spot does for a cat.

Do you have a litter box? Because I’m digging the idea of spending all nine lives with you.

Are you a laser pointer? Because you’ve got my attention and I can’t resist chasing after you.

Are you a cat nap? Because I want to curl up with you and enjoy some quality time together.

Are you a purr-fect match? Because I think we’d make a great pair.

Paw-some puns! these cat-related pickup lines are sure to get a meow from your crush.

Girl you must be the back of my paw cuz I want to lick you constantly.

Do you live in a corn field? Because I’m stalking you.

I’m not high on nip, I’m just intoxicated with you.

Are you one of them hot cougars that pick up young willing men?

Psst.. Hey babe, I got some nip.

Don’t purrcrastnate just be mine.

Are you a bag of treats? Because I wanna sample you.

Since I met you I feel like the cat who got the cream.

How are you feline? Cause you purrfect, I’m not kitten!

Cat Related Pick Up Lines

I love cats. I heard you have a nice pussy. Can I play with her?

My vet says I’m lacking in vitamin U.

Now that’s a stray cat strut.

Meet me by the dead bird.

I like cats more than dogs.

Have you been sleeping on the computer? Cause you are hot!


Funny Cat Pick Up Lines

There is plenty of witty in these funny pickup lines about cats.

I’d climb a meowntain just to be with you.

Purrhaps we should claws the door, things are about to get frisky up in hair.

My love for you is like a hairball…. I can’t hold it in.

I’d give up one of my 9 lives just to be with you.

I’d like to get your tongue.

Put the cat down and pick up your sword!

Funny Cat Pick Up Lines

If I were a cat, I’d spend all my 8 lives with you.

If I said you have nice fur, would you hold it against me?

The tail of our love will go down in hiss-tory.

I hope you have pet insurance because I’m about to destroy your pussy.

Dinner and a mewvie?

My love for you resembles a hairball. I can’t hold it in.

Let’s make hisstory.

I’m purrty sure if you didn’t give us a chance you’d be kitten yourself later.

If you were a cat, I’d spend all 9 lives with you.

Funny Cat Puns for Instagram

Just purr-fecting my cat-titude.

Feline good and ready to conquer the world.

Trying to live my best nine lives.

This is my purr-sonal space, please respect it.

Taking a paws from reality.

I’m not antisocial; I’m just pro-cat-stination.

Funny Cat Puns for Instagram

In a cat nap state of mind. Don’t disturb.

Whisker game strong.

Meow or never.

I’m not kitten around, I’m the cat’s meow!

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