50+ Dinosaur Pick Up Lines Funny, and Cheesy

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You will find the funniest and cheesiest collections of Dinosaur Pick Up Lines here that you are sure to love. Do you believe Dinosaurs existed millions of years ago? If you want to learn more about their life you must explore the Triassic period.

Dinosaurs are shown in the movies as well as their destruction. Series of animated adventure films are based on this giant creature so that kids can learn and be entertained at the same time. Here are the funny dinosaur jokes you can’t afford to miss.

Among the most popular films of all time are Disney’s Dinosaur, Jurassic Park, Walking with Dinosaurs: The Movie, and many others. A selection of some of the most entertaining dinosaur pickup lines from Reddit has been compiled based on animated movie characters.

Dinosaur Pick Up Lines

11 SHORT Dinosaur Pick Up Lines

Leave carbon at home lets go on a date.

Hey Baby, I wanna see your bedrock!

Want to have some Tyrannosaurus sex.

You Jane and me Tarzan.

Hey baby, I’m a diplodocus—want to see my diplocockus?

You should Triassic some tenderness.

Don’t let my tiny arms fool you.

Hey girl, want to see my bonersaurus?

Are you from the Jurassic period cause jur ass is amazing.

Hey baby, you put the all in allosarus, you feel me?

Don’t like to beat around the bush? These are sure to do the trick.

Best Dinosaur Pick Up Lines Funny, Cheesy & More!

funny dinosaur jokes

I’ll punch a pterodactyl out the sky for you baby.

One look at you and I feel like I’ve died and gone to a museum.

You’re the tricera-tops and you’re making me horny.

Hey I got some few things you could club, over at my place.

Hey wanna come over for some bbq whole mammoth?

Are you going hunting because that’s a nice club under your loincloth.

Do you prefer a triceratops or tricerabottoms?

You must be a raptor, because I want to ride you all day.

I would be a tyrannosaurus wreck if you said no to a date with me.

I’m hung like an Apatosaurus.

Let me screech as a dinosaur who was really satisfied with the beauty and madness of yours.

I’m not a megalodon, but I’ve got a mega-long-dong.

Don’t let my tiny T-Rex arms fool you — I can reach everything.

Baby girl you’re like dino-mite.

StegosaurME and StegosaurYOU should go out on a date because Stegosaurus.

Is that a club under your feet or are you just happy to see me?

Hey, baby, check my longitudinal series of small knobby prominences!

I would be a tyrannosaurus wreck if I were a dinosaur living without you in my life.

Looking to overcompensate? Check these out!

Me Homo Erectus! Stop laughing, that does not mean me gay!

Are you checking out my fangs or should I walk by again? (sabretooth tiger)

We can hope for another exodus and not this chaotic love that we wished for in the first place.

Baby, I’m no Fred Flintstone, but I can make your Bedrock!

I hope that I won’t be the creepy Stegosaurus, instead, I would love you with all of my life.

Boy you as yummy as yellowcake, i ought to date you like Uranium-Series.

I want to be like a paleontologist and explore your body.

Hey, kiss me if I get this incorrectly, but dinosaurs still exist right?

I will scream like a carnivorous dinosaur who just wants to be your piece of the beautiful world.

You might seem to be shy, but you are really curious about what my Brachiosaurus would look like.

Yeah, I’m a pteranodon but I got the trunk in the front like a mastodon.

Maybe I must confess all my love for you, while we are being chased by Brachiosaurus now.

Live for the moment, baby. We could all be extinct tomorrow.

While we embrace each other, you should be curious about what my Brachiosaurus would look like.

I am sorry, but I hope you won’t notice that my Brachiosaurus pet is excited right now.

Want to play archaeologist and dust the bone in my pants?

Do you want to read my body language?

I always think BC stands for Before You Came Into My Life.

I can’t help but notice your beautiful hair. Mind if I club you and drag you home with me?

Let’s do like a brontosaurus and go to brunch together.


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