67 Brilliant Golf Pick Up Lines With Funny One-liners!

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These Golf Pick up lines (some of them from Reddit) will drive you straight to the heart. Whether you’re looking to start a conversation with a girlfriend or guys, you just need some inspiration, these lines are a hole-in-one.

A golf one-liner such as the one below would make the perfect addition to stylish golf posing picture if you’re a passionate golfer.

The game of golf was first played in the 15th century in the Kingdom of Scotland, and today it is played all over the world. Several countries around the world consider golf a top sport, such as Ireland, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Golf Pick Up Lines & Funny One-liners

I must say that golf is an interesting game. The word “golf” comes from the Dutch word “kolf”. Various golf instruments (clubs) are used for the game of golf, which is governed by the Golf Rule Book. For more information, see the Golf Glossary.

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10 SHORT Golf Pick Up Lines

To impress your date today! Hit a hole-in-one with these short and sweet golf pickup lines.

  • Bring some friends, and we can play a foursome.
  • I’m gonna pound you like I do these range balls.
  • What do you say you let me pull it for you?
  • I’m known on the tour for having a lengthy club.
  • Do you want me to pull it?
  • How about you be my caddy and wash my balls tonight?
  • How many strokes do you want?
  • I hope you like it rough because I don’t replace my divots.
  • Do you slap the dimpled balls?
  • Are you a birdie because I want you!

BEST Golf Pick Up Lines

Drive your way into your girlfriend’s heart with the best golf pickup lines. Score a hole-in-one with love.

  • You have a good body, I bet you can use that club really good, show me.
  • Damn, girl. You’ve got the nicest boobs I’ve seen outside a PGA Tour locker room.
  • You can be my caddy, I have been looking a place to store this shaft I have.
  • Hey baby…can you suck a golf ball through 50 feet of garden hose?
  • Are you sure you aren’t all four majors because you would be a grand slam?
  • Does a bear crap in the woods? No, but I’m willing to screw in them.
  • I’m a bit tired, so can we just play your backside tonight?
  • How about grabbing two of your friends so we can play a foursome?
  • The moment I laid my eyes on you, I had a vertical angle on this shaft of mine, real hard.
  • We should be more than friends, I’ll teach you how to play, you teach me to be a woman.
  • You should put golf as you top priority after all, I am a master at it, wanna try me?
  • How about you bring two of your friends and we play a foursome?
  • You seem to have thick and bulky bushes, I hope you cut them before I make my next move.
  • After every use, I will wash your balls and clean that shaft so let me use them every time.
  • I am going to condition your shaft and your balls before the season for golfing comes, babe.
  • I am pretty much tired about everything else so can we just take a moment to play backside?
  • I am better than all those museums about golfing you have been in, let me show it to you.
  • If you can actually bring some of your friends, we can all with each other better.
  • The best way you can go before playing is to come to my room, I’ll teach you to swing good.
  • Go call your golf friends and maybe we can have some threesome or even a group one.

Golf Pick Up Lines FUNNY

Fore! Tee up your humour and score a laugh today with these funny golf pickup lines.

golf opening lines
  • My golf number may not be that good but my phone number sure is!
  • Oh man, my legs hurt so much. It’s tough walking straight after 18 holes.
  • I’m no good at golf, but I can sure wedge my balls into your sand trap.
  • Wanna go golfing baby? I’ll let you put your balls in my hole.
  • I could make your Vijay Singh if you get my drift.
  • What do you say we get together, call a couple of people and play a foursome?
  • I want to plug my balls in your bunker.
  • Can I be your caddy? I want to give your shaft a good polish before we play tonight.
  • Damn girl, you sure know how to give a bloke a vertical shaft angle.
  • You must be a Nike One Platinum Ball. Why, do you ask? Because you’d look amazing on a T.

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