40+ Happy Birthday Pick Up Lines for Loved Ones

Last updated on February 7th, 2024 at 05:24 am

Birthdays are special moments in our lives, celebrated with family and friends once a year. Everybody wants their family together on this occasion, to make it memorable try these Happy Birthday Pick Up Lines on a picture that you would like to send with dear ones.

These are such events in our life, where we get together at one place and enjoy. We have categorized birthday sections for boys and girls and a mixed category that can be used concurrently.

Birthday Pick Up Lines

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If you would like to wish your girlfriend uniquely, then you must try Heartbreaking happy birthday pick up lines for her, I am pretty sure she would love it, these are tried-and-tested lines that work fine to grow your love relations.

10 SHORT Birthday Pick Up Lines

Okay. I’m here now. What other wishes have you made?

Happy Birthday, darling!

Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional.

Are you a birthday present? Because I want to unwrap you.

My doctor has advised me to take Vitamin U.

Let’s get nasty tonight, shall we? Happy Birthday, sweetheart.

Are you a birthday cake? Because you are so sweet.

Happy birthday sexy! Can I blow your candle?

Get ready to be wild with me later. Happy Bday sweety!

Are you a birthday balloon? Because your booties’ popping.

Happy Birthday Pick Up Lines for Girls, Guys

Happy Birthday Pick Up Lines for Girls

How about we put the birthday cake on top of me and you can eat it off me?

Babe, you’re so hot, I bet you could make creme brulée with just your looks.

So you just started your 28th voyage on Starship Earth. Can I be your co-pilot?

Hi, birthday girl. You’re hotter than the flames on your birthday candles.

I’m all yours for this night. Know what I mean? Wait tonight for my special gift!

Is that a birthday hat in your pocket or are you happy to see me?

Its my birthday! How about a birthday kiss? (Is it really your birthday?) No.

How about I strip half-naked here and now for you as a birthday gift? Hope you don’t mind.

How do you expect me to remember your birthday, when you never look any older?

Come to the bedroom with me. I have a special birthday cake with a special candle for you.

Please don’t come for my birthday party. I don’t want you contaminating the refreshments and leave everyone with good poisoning. Bye!

Are you a birthday candle? Because I’d like to blow you until I get my wish.

Look here, let me tell you, I’m gonna blow you until I get my wish.

Please do you have with you a Band-Aid? I bruised my arm falling for you.

Do you want to know a dirty little secret? I am not wearing any underwear. Happy birthday, stud.

Cheers! To my dear pussy-cat, all the sweet milk in the bowl won’t be enough to tell you how much I want to purr you.

Happy Birthday baby. All you have to do is unwrap your present – ME.

How do you expect me to remember your birthday when you never look any older?

Well, I’m here. What are your next two wishes?

Is that the sun coming up, or just the birthday girl shining?

Was it your plan to match that gorgeous, sparkly party dress with your eyes?

For the birthday party everywhere is filled with bright and colourful lights, but your smile illuminates the room better.

FUNNY Birthday Pick Up Lines

Are you a birthday balloon? Because your booties’ popping.

Hey! I wore this shirt, especially at your birthday party. [Why?] Because it’s made of boyfriend material.

Oh, you forget the birthday present, it’s alright. You can give me something even special.

These overcrowded candles on your birthday cake must be a lie because you don’t look that old.

Girl! These sparkling lights decoration is giving a reflection in your eyes.

Let me hold your hands, my baby. I won’t want to see you falling for someone else.

Let’s skip dinner and head to your room. I’ll let you eat me there.

For your birthday, I’m going to give you a real wildness and fun night.

Hey! The birthday party ended too early. What about doing a real party at my place?

I know your birthday is only once a year but you’re so special it should be everyday.

Girl! Why you need a lighter? You are hot that you can fire the candles by touching them.

Are you a birthday candle? Because I’d like to blow you until I get my wish.

That’s the day when my new favorite person came to the world. Happy birthday, sweetie!

I wish you were a birthday present. Because I really want to unwrap you.

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