Mesmerizing 43+ Music Pick Up Lines Dirty, FUNNY, 70s & More

The whole world is full of Music lovers, someone who loves old songs and someone crazy for modern songs full of background instrumentals. Whatever the reason for love, Music Pick Up Lines connecting the world, mesmerizes our mind and body.

Different types of Music is popular based on the interest of people, generally Musical genres are of many types here we have included famous ones that are Rock, Jazz, Soul music, hip hop music, pop, classical and many more.

Music Pick Up Lines

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Regardless of cultural belief system, and language barrier, listen to the music you love that directly touches your heart and soul. Based on different musical genres, we got you covered mixed music pickup lines that include funny, dirty, 70s music, indie & more.

10 Short Music Pick Up Lines

Damn girl, you’re lookin’ sharp!

I bet we’d get into some serious Treble together.

Are you a fermata? Because I want to hold you.

That’s a nice set of mallets you have.

I may not be Mumford, but do you want to have my sons?

Do you like Dave Brubeck? ‘Cos I think we need to Take 5.

Slow down girl, you’re giving me a woodwind.

You must be marked Prestissimo… because you’re dashing.

You wanna grease my slide?

Excuse me, do you believe in premarital sex?

Best Music Pick Up Lines Dirty, Hilarious & More

Enough exposition. Let’s move this to the development section.

Would you describe yourself as a ternary? Because you have a lovely form.

I bet that flute isn’t the only thing you know how to blow.

You give my life colour just like a chorus could in a song and I am thankful for you, darling.

You are perfect, like the people like me aims to achieve of creating and so you are perfect.

I am the musician but it seems you are better at creating music because you are music itself.

My bowing arm is pretty sore… Because you just made my tremolo.

Would you like to borrow my tuner? You’re looking pretty sharp to me.

I will be your white keys, for every black keys of your life and together we will be together.

I have been looking for a muse all my life and now, I finally found you and so I won’t let go.

White keys or black keys, wherever you are in your life right now I promise to hold your hand.

Tonight I will let you set the tempo, baby because that is what you may love to do anyways.

Is that an anacrusis? Because you’re about to hear a pick-up.

If you are a song and I am a musician I am sure I would like to sing you over and over again.

I will let you be the conductor of my heart because you are that important to me, darling.

Someday we will be able to gather all the notes to create our music and travel together.

For every sharps and flats of your life, I promise, I will be there to guide you and hold you.

Let’s play a love game. I’ll be Alejandro, you be Lady Gaga and I’ll let you take a ride on my disco stick.

You must be a fourth or a fifth because you’re just perfect!

Funny Music Pick Up Lines

Funny Music Pick Up Lines

I bet you didn’t know that musicians duet better.

Are you on the drumline? Because I want to play with your stick.

Ever heard of Metalica? Because you could ride my lightning.

Do your parents compose classical music, cause baby got Bach.

I believe that Mozart would not be able to make a composition as beautiful as you!

Are you Stacy’s mom? Cause you’ve got it going on.

I can’t play the guitar but i’ll sure pluck your G String.

You can call me the piano man, cause you’ll love the way I tickle your keys.

Call me Eric Clapton, cause I’ll pluck your heart strings.

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