50 Scarecrow Wizard of Oz Quotes You Must Explore!

The #50 Best Scarecrow Wizard of Oz Quotes extracted from Oz books and its characters, some of them you might have heard in your childhood or in your adulthood if you have read out the books of Oz series.

Scarecrow is a fictional character who first appeared in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (1900); the man behind it was L. Frank Baum, an American author.

Scarecrow Wizard of Oz Quotes

Oz Book series is full of humor, magic, suspense, and inspiring lessons you can take away from reading books. The famous characters that come to your mind include Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Woodman, Wizard & more.

We have compiled the most incredible Scarecrow Wizard of Oz Quotes collection that will inspire and share with Instagram pictures.

10 Short Scarecrow Wizard of Oz Quotes

I haven’t got a brain…only straw.

Some people without brains do an awful lot of talking.

This is a highly irregular procedure!

What would you do with a brain if you had one?

Oh joy! Rapture! I’ve got a brain!

Why, anybody can have a brain. That’s a very mediocre commodity.

Permit me to introduce myself. I am the Scarecrow.

Why, I think you’re nothing but a great big coward!

Oh, no! The monkeys! They’re flying this way.

Of course, I’m not bright about doing things.

My head is stuffed with straw, you know.


40 Famous Scarecrow Wizard of Oz Brain Quote

I don’t know. But some people without brains do an awful lot of talking, don’t they?

Well, we can’t start out on a quest without a lot of provisions, can we?

I’ve been thinking, as Scarecrow should, and I’ve decided that I want to see the Wizard.

The sum of the square roots of any two sides of an isosceles triangle is equal to the square root of the remaining side. Oh joy! Rapture! I’ve got a brain!

You see, I can’t even scare a crow. They come and take the corn right out of my hand.

I’ll show you how to get apples. Apples? We have no apples here. That’s why we call it the Land of Oz.

What a nice little dog. And he knows some tricks too. Sit up, Toto. Up. Up.

I’m a little mixed up about things. But I know right from wrong. And I know that you’re not supposed to go around killing witches.

I haven’t got a heart, no matter how much I love you all.

You’re the best friends anybody ever had. And it’s funny, but I feel as if I’ve known you all the time. But I couldn’t have, could I?

This is a wild and woolly adventure!

Famous Scarecrow Wizard of Oz brain quote
50 Scarecrow Wizard of Oz Quotes

We’re off to see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Oz.

I’m not afraid of anything. Except for a lighted match.

You know, I don’t believe we really landed in Oz at all.

How can you talk if you haven’t got a brain?

But even a scarecrow can do something when he knows what he’s about.

I am convinced that the only people worthy of consideration in this world are the unusual ones. For the common folks are like the leaves of a tree, and live and die unnoticed.

I hope this is the end of our troubles.

I’m doing all right, getting along as well as can be expected. Considering I don’t have a brain, and I’m stuffed with straw.

I’m a little nervous, and maybe my nose is bleeding, but I’m still here.

I’m just a bundle of straw. But I know I’m alive, and I’m happy about it.

Oh, we can’t go back to Kansas. We haven’t accomplished anything yet.

Why, with my eyes closed, I could navigate this balloon straight to the Emerald City.

Brains take you only so far, and then you’re on your own.

Why, if that rain keeps up, the land of Oz will be just like Kansas.

I don’t know how to thank you, but I’m sure that someday you’ll need my help.

I’m afraid I’m not a very good man…Goodbye cruel world!

Just because I’m presumin’ that I could be kind-a-human if I only had a heart.

The important thing is we stick together.

You’re wasting your time! They’re already out of stones!

I don’t see how anyone could ever leave you, darling.

I’m not afraid of anything, except the lighted match.

You ought to be ashamed of yourself! Frightening him like that, when he came to you for help!

I’m not sure, but I think it’ll take more than just courage to get us out of this.

I am a man of honor, and I cannot break my word.

I never liked those apples. They always made me feel just terrible.

I’ll go in there for Dorothy. Wicked Witch or no Wicked Witch, guards or no guards, I’ll tear them apart. I may not come out alive, but I’m going in there. There’s only one thing I want you fellows to do.

Now, I know I have a heart, because it’s breaking.

You know, I think I’ll miss you most of all.

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