100+ Lawyer Pick Up Lines With Funny Puns Tinder (2024)

Last updated on February 26th, 2024 at 02:36 am

Get the attention of your potential clients with these Lawyer Pick Up Lines that really works. Also include funny puns to clever jokes, these lines are guaranteed to get a smile out of even the toughest judge.

People with legal knowledge, practicing students, lawyers, paralegals, attorneys, and advocates are all included pick up lines for lawyers.

Best Lawyer Pick Up Lines funny for attorneys, law office
Best Lawyer Pick Up Lines funny for your colleagues

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These funny, flirty law pick up lines will help you make a good first impression, whether you are studying law or working in the legal field. Don’t forget to share this list with your colleagues in this field.

Top 10 Short Lawyer Pick Up Lines

Just be who you are, I’m not the one to judge.

Is your estate subject to opening?

I love you beyond a reasonable doubt.

I really like how you fill out a brief.

Baby, if you were a contract, you’d be the fine print.

Are you pro-bono or just happy to see me?

are you a lawyer pick up lines

How about practicing some lateral equality?

Want me to save you even just for tonight?

Let me show you my mens rea.

Are you my lawyer? Because you should be screwing me.

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Top 10 Lawyer Pick Up Lines Tinder

If beauty were a crime, you’d be serving a life sentence.

Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I schedule a deposition to prove my case?

Are you a lawyer? Because you just made a compelling argument for a second date.

Is your name Google? Because you’ve got everything I’ve been searching for in a match.

Are you a legal document? Because every time I look at you, I feel like I’m signing a binding agreement to be mesmerized.

Are you a trademark? Because you’ve got ‘distinctive’ written all over you.

If you were a legal remedy, you’d be a cure for loneliness and a defense against boredom.

Are you a lawyer? Because you’ve just presented a strong case for stealing my heart.

If you were a legal principle, you’d be the exception to my rule of staying single.

Is your name Miranda? Because you have the right to remain irresistible.

20 Best Lawyer Pick up Lines

funny lawyer pick up lines

Let me show you section 69 of my penal code.

Honey, is that a gavel in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

If I were on a jury, I’d find you guilty of being criminally beautiful. ????

Excuse me, are you into reverse bifurcation?

lawyer puns pick up lines

I can never move past how beautiful and brilliant you are especially when you talk about law.

Hey baby, I’ll show you my opening statement but it’s up to you to close. ????

In my advisory opinion, after you see my dicta, you won’t have standing.

I booked us a room so we can study the ‘Laws of Attraction’ without disruption.

Ohh how did that gavel go under your pants? That’s not a gavel? Interesting.

Did it hurt…when you fell from heaven? Because I know a good personal injury lawyer.

Pick up lines for lawyer girl

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I don’t know if I have to stand, but I’d love to court you.

I hope you don’t object to this leading question, boy, but you want me, don’t you?

My ratio decidendi wanted so much to discover, search, and explore your dictum.

Are you my lawyer? Because you should be definitely screwing me.

lawyer pick up lines tinder

I think I’d be liable for negligence if I neglected to come over and talk to you.

I am not demanding an easement. As long as we are making each other happy that’s fine.

Yes, I can be negligent with other things but I will not, I promise to be negligent with your heart.

Hey, I’m poly, expressio unius non est exclusio altius.

It is against my own made-up law to treat girls badly so you are so lucky, baby girl.

Law of attraction pick up lines

I have the ability to turn the lawyer thing off and act like a normal human when I leave the office.

Baby, you’re thicker than my ConLaw casebook.

I found everything about you beautiful but that is not because you study law but maybe yes.

Hey baby! do you have a lawyer cause you just stole my heart. ????

I am willing to get a life sentence with you and that’s not bad at all.

How to flirt with a female lawyer?

They call me Learned Hand for a reason.

You save everyone from punishments but who saves you?

Hey baby, let’s go back to my place and practice some lateral equality. ????

Want me to play your part as a lawyer tonight? For a change?

Shall we skip the date and go straight into liquidated damages?

Funny Law pick up lines

I need someone to look through these briefs.

If your mouth was as learned as your hand, baby I’d be in heaven.

Top 10 Lawyer Pick Up Lines Funny

Are you a lawyer? Because you just made a motion in my heart.

If you were a contract, you’d be an addendum because you just made my life more interesting.

Are you a lawyer? Because you’ve just raised the bar on my standards.

Are you a legal citation? Because you’ve got ‘precedent-setting’ beauty.

If beauty were time, you’d be an eternity defense exhibit A.

Is your name Objection? Because I can’t seem to overrule my attraction to you.

Do you have a sunburn, or are you always this hot in contempt?

Is your name Restitution? Because you’ve just compensated for all my lonely nights.

If you were a legal remedy, you’d be the cure for my ‘not-enough-time-with-you’ syndrome.

If you were a legal case, I’d be pleading for a lifetime sentence with you.

Top 10 Lawyer Pick Up Lines Cheesy & Dirty

If you were a legal document, you’d be ‘exhibit A’ in the case of my love for you.

Are you a lawyer? Because you’ve just presented a compelling case for stealing my heart.

Is your name Sue? Because I want to countersue… for stealing my heart.

Are you a fine print? Because I can’t get enough of you, no matter how hard I try to read between the lines.

If you were a jury, I’d be pleading for a verdict of ‘guilty of stealing my affection.’

Is your name Habeas Corpus? Because I’d love for you to have my heart.

Are you a lawyer? Because you just presented an irresistible opening statement in the trial of love.

Is it a crime to be as stunning as you? If so, consider me a willing accomplice.

Are you a legal brief? Because every word you say makes my heart want to file a motion for more.

If beauty were a crime, you’d be serving a life sentence in my heart.

Top 10 Law Student Pick Up Lines

Are you a law library? Because I can’t seem to resist checking you out.

If you were a case brief, you’d be a concise summary of everything I’ve been looking for.

Is your name Legal Research? Because I’ve been searching for someone like you my whole life.

If you were a legal theory, you’d be the exception to my rule of staying single.

Are you a law school exam? Because I’ve been thinking about you all night and have no idea how to approach you.

Are you a contract? Because I’d be willing to negotiate my way into your heart.

Is your name Obiter Dicta? Because you’re the extra detail that makes my life more interesting.

If you were a legal precedent, you’d be the standard by which I measure all my romantic interests.

Is your name Restitutio in Integrum? Because meeting you feels like a complete restoration of my happiness.

Are you a law journal? Because I’m eager to publish my feelings for you.

Top 10 Lawyer Puns

Want to impress someone special who is a lawyer with some great Lawyer Pick Up Lines? These lawyer puns will surely win their hearts with their funny and cheesy lines.

Why did the lawyer become a gardener? Because they had a knack for digging up the truth.

I told my wife she was drawing her eyebrows too high. She looked surprised.

I used to be a baker, but I couldn’t make enough dough. Now I’m a lawyer, and I’m rolling in the dough.

Why do lawyers make terrible fishermen? Because they always object to the catch!

I tried to sue the airport for misplacing my luggage. I lost my case.

What do you call a lawyer who doesn’t chase ambulances? Retired.

I asked my lawyer if he could describe himself in three words. He said, ‘I’m very expensive.’

Why did the lawyer go to therapy? To deal with his issues of ‘objection’ and ‘overruled.’

Did you hear about the lawyer who tried to become a baker? He couldn’t make enough ‘legal tender.’

The lawyer’s diet plan: Rule of thumb – if you can’t bill it, don’t eat it.

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